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Essentials Plan

Forever Free!

+ Project listings on

+ Project listings in Mining Salons community

+ Online events booked by the member in Mining Salons community (1)

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Professional Plan

Everything in Essential, plus:

+ Featured listing in Mining Salons community and website (2)

+ Social media promotion (3)

Monthly payments: $29.99

Annual payment: $19.99/month

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Premium Plan

Everything in Professional, plus:

+ Online events booked by the host in Mining Salons community (4)

+ Listing in Mining Salons Listings Catalogue (5)

+ Promotion in industry events and conferences (6)

Monthly payments: $59.99

Annual payment: $39.99/month

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Success Plan

Everything in Premium, plus:

+ International sales promotion (7)

+ Technical consulting and due diligence (8)

+ Legal and negotiations (9)


(1) Members are required to have their own video or conference account. There is no email notification to all members for events booked by members. Online events (web presentation, video or voice conference) to promote projects, technology, and equipment in Mining Salons community have RSVP to add to calendar.

(2) In Mining Salons website, bi-lingual listings in English and Chinese under Featured Listings; in Mining Salons community, the first thing returning members see in their Activity Feed

(3) Listing on Mining Salons LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

(4) Members are not required to have their own video or conference account because Mining Salons provide these. Online events booked by the host trigger emails to all members who receive the event invitation, and can RSVP to add to calendar, and receive reminders before the event.

(5) Monthly catalogue with featured project listings distributed to international institutional and accredited investors, and mining executives

(6) PDAC, CIM, CMP, Cambridge House etc.

(7) Promotion by internationally based sales and business development experts in mining

(8) Consulting on all project technical and financial aspects, due diligence

(9) Expert support during negotiation and closing