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General Kinematics Two-Mass Screen Applications

The General Kinematics Two-Mass Screen technology is gaining global momentum in the Mining Industry. They have been and currently are the leader in Vibrating technology for over fifty years in the Foundry and other industries. Two-Mass screens are high throughput screens that can handle up to a 30% - 40% throughput increase with the same or better efficiency (in the same footprint as an existing brute force banana screen) and on an equal comparison basis. The GK screen can use much less energy to do this bigger task, they are inherently more reliable, and they offer a longer service life for a lower cost of ownership. Additionally, the preferred OEM states the inclusion of their short integral cascading grizzly feed deck will produce even higher performance and efficiency gains. The preferred OEM of this technology has produced Two-Mass screens for decades. In 2005, this OEM redesigned their Two-Mass screens into a modular configuration in response to demand for higher throughput screens. There are over one hundred of these new style large screens currently in service.

The Surface Modifier That Improves Recovery and Reduces Electricity Consumption

There are well-known, common problems with fine particle separation process, i.e. particle adhesion, contamination of the product, low recovery of ore-minerals, etc.  Most of these difficulties arise from surface interactions between fine particles during the recovery process.

The use of surface modifiers can significantly reduce costs at all stages –grinding, separation and cleaning of the final products. The surface modifier can also significantly improve separation quality of the products, because the majority of such processes is based on the properties of the particle surface.

Mining Salons is proud to represent a partner with an innovative and proven surface modifier solution.