How Mining Salons’ Listings Works

Mining Salons is a global connecting platform for qualified investors, buyers and sellers of mine projects at different stages of project development, as well as buyers and sellers of mine equipment, commodities and innovative technology. We have a large global network of buyers who are actively looking to acquire and/or invest into mining projects. We offer various listing arrangements as we understand very well that all of our customers are unique and look for different results.

Under our most popular listing plan, Mining Salons list basic project information on a confidential basis and we become pro-actively engaged in the project marketing generating referrals and interest from our financial partners. We sign non-disclosure agreements with all our partners and potential buyers which allow us to market our listings and provide detailed development information, costs and financials to interested parties.

New projects listings are presented to our network contacts via our free E-alerts. During the listing, discussion and negotiation stages, we play an integral role facilitating the process until a deal is agreed between the interested parties for which we receive a success fee which is negotiable.

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List Your Mining Project, Equipment, Commodity or Technology

Interested in listing your project with us with a view to sell a mining project, equipment, commodity or technology, or secure a partner?

Submit a brief summary of your project via the link below. We will review and get back to you quickly. We reserve the right to only list projects that are appropriate for our users.

Listing Process

The process to list your mining project or equipment on our website goes through the following steps:

  1. Submit a brief summary of your project here for our review including details about the expected transaction whether you are interested to sell, buy, enter into a Joint Venture (JV), partial or complete project financing, as well as the actual project development stage.

  2. We will confirm the suitability of the project for our users and sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that protects the confidentiality of your information, as required.

  3. Execute a Mining Salons’ service agreement which stipulates the success fees and listing fees, if any.

  4. Provide a full project listing which is activated on a confidential “no names” basis until actual interest from potential buyers/investors is generated, and all applicable non-confidentiality and representation agreements are agreed upon and signed.

  5. Listed project is qualified for dedicated listing e-alert emailed to our international mining and investment community, ongoing promotion at various worldwide forums, facilitated discussions and negotiation process with interested buyers/investors.

Send us an e-mail at to discuss any project listing queries you may have.