Surface Modifier

The Modifier is assisting in both the milling and separation part of the ore processing.


With same or lower energy input, a finer material is produced. 


In the leaching case the finer product will increase the recovery rate. What the modifier does is to cover the surface of the mineral (and the gangue) with a molecules thick surface which this dust cannot attach to. This will make the froth flotation much more efficient.

Alluvial Gold Mining

The modifier is also very efficient in alluvial gold mining, detaching clay or dust from the ultra fine gold particles, which then will be separated by gravity – 20-40% increased recovery rate could be expected.

Mining in General 

The modifier can be applied in all mining processes, where there is a wet milling and/or separation process. 


The modifier helps on the environmental side and reduces power, GHG emissions, etc.


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