Our partner’s powerful AI tool designs and estimates mine projects scheduling, optimizes processes and generates financial reports. It also optimizes operations daily material handling and plant feed to maximize project financials, daily production, and control.


  • Substantial savings in Project schedule and costs

  • Very quick application turnaround - complete process run within one (1) week

  • Scenarios reviews and comparisons

  • Very useful for early stages of project development - provides complete production, revenues, smelter terms, costs and financials reports based on available mineral resources data

  • Great value for bulk commodities operations where plant feed and plant products blending strategy is critical for project performance

  • Critical for actual operations where the Optimizer can be applied on a daily basis to estimate the optimal feed to the plant in terms of tonnage and grade to maximize economics

  • Gemcom GEMS™, MineSight, Surpac, Whittle Compatible


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minetech, GHG emissions, production reporting, financial reporting

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