Lime Mine Financing in Malawi

The lime mine is located in the Southern Region of Malawi. Access to the area is through a dusty road 3km to the west of a rural centre. The Exclusive Prospective Licence (EPL)area is 259.1km² and the exact project area with the which is 22.3km².

The main products of the proposed project include:

·       Quicklime;

·       Hydrated Lime; and,

·       Agricultural Lime.

The single objective is to position Rift Valley Mining Company Ltd as cheapest producer of quality hydrated lime, quick lime and agricultural lime in Malawi, commanding a majority of the market share within five years.

The planned cost of the investment is $33.7 million, which would be acquired through bank loans and private capital. The company, seeking $23.5 million in debt or a mixture of debt and equity financing. The funding will enable the company to fund:

·       part of the cost of the Mine Plant and Machinery; and,

·       part of our working capital requirements.


The World Bank estimates that the Malawi mining sector could be worth $500 million - $1 billion by 2020. Malawi’s National Export Strategy 2013-18, produced in December 2012, forecasts that mining exports will increase from $114 million in 2010 to $246 million in 2017 and to $493 million by 2027.


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Malawi, Africa