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Mine Safety Solutions

Mine Safety Solutions

Mine Safety Solutions (MSS) began research and development in 2015, in partnership with Northern College, and subsequently launched the first MSS safety gloves in June of 2018.   

After being injured on the job Anthony Gilin launched this company, with the intention of making a difference in the workplace by preventing similar injuries from debilitating hard workers like himself. The incident that saw his hand fractured under the weight of 150-pound bar drove him to think about safety in the workplace from a critical perspective. After conducting research on common workplace injuries and existing personal protective equipment, he found a gap in the market, and this is where MSS safety gloves were born.

MSS safety gloves are designed to give the wearer full dexterity, allowing them to handle small parts and details without the need to remove their gloves. Without compromising dexterity our gloves provide industry leading protection from cuts, impacts, vibrations, and punctures.   MSS Gloves, 60 days limited warrantee. 


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The company is based on innovation and founded on safety with the eventual goal of creating an entire lineup of personal protective equipment (PPE). Anthony's next endeavor is to redesign workplace head protection by analyzing the common hardhat and finding areas for improvement as he did with MSS safety gloves.  Email him if you have any questions, 

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